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Files and Folders

The structure of storing files within your PC uses a very common format. As in normal offices files are stored in folders which are stored in drawers or filing cabinets.Each item on your PC is either a file or a folder. A folder is used to store files. This graphic should help explain further.

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Checking Multiple Emails in Gmail

It’s very common to have multiple email addresses these days. You may have personal email at Gmail, Yahoo, Live or even AOL. Logging in to each service to check your email can be time-consuming, but there is a better way. Use Gmail to check each of these account all in one location. This tutorial will walk […]

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Job & Career Fairs

Kroger is wanting to hire 2,000 veterans. Any veteran searching for a job should fill out an application online before September 13. Then on September 15, applicants should go to any local Kroger between 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Also on Tuesday, September 15, the Memphis Botanic Garden is hosting its own job fair called the “Who’s […]

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Tools & Other Helpful Stuff

Here are some great resources I’ve found this week. The Muse – One of the best sites on the internet for job searchers. Learn from an extensive stable of writers, HR people and more. Udemy – An excellent source for online classes. Learn just about any computer language, software product or just how to make a […]