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Online Backups

Are you worried about your files being lost in the event your PC crashes? Well you’re not alone. We use our computers for many many things, and most of those are important to us. Photos of that first birthday party, video from your honeymoon cruise and tax returns are all items you’d find on a normal PC. […]

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Pivot Tables

One of the most powerful tools within Microsoft© Excel is the ability to simplify large datasets. Normally this is done with a pivot table. Basically a pivot table is a summary of the referenced data. For example in the screenshot below I have columns of information related to electronics. You can download this Excel file here […]


Why Email Isn’t All Bad

I’ve read quite a few articles and posts lately about how email rules our business lives and it should be tamed or completely done away with. Some think that it’s days are past and they offer new ways to communicate with co-workers, clients, etc. I’m not so sure I agree. Yes, I get my share […]


LinkedIn App

Those of you looking to find a new job or increase your business network will no doubt be familiar with LinkedIn. While the website is a great place to look for jobs and keep up to date with your chosen professional, sometimes you’re not at your desk. Having an app on your phone will help […]